Ok lets be honest, Talking about advocacy, As important a subject as it is, I feel a great deal of people are not interested, it's something that all the you tube reviewers and shop owners go on about.. and yes i'm going to be another one....




I wanna try to keep this short quick and relevant, believe me I could go on all day, but you don't want that do you. 

Lets get down to the nitty gritty, Without vaping, I'd still be a smoker, still suckin' away at 30 + cancer sticks a day..  it's because vaping was able to fulfil those basic desires of my habit, the inhale, the hand motion, that I can happily say I no longer smoke. 


And I am 100% certain so many more would agree.  

Now sure E cigarettes are not an approved quit aid, However that doesn't mean Hundreds of thousands haven't used them for that purpose to great success.

We need to be doing anything we can to let everyone know how we have been helped.. And that doesn't just mean supporting ATHRA or legalise vaping.. no.. It means getting the word out to smokers, presenting the facts, allaying any misconceptions, showing how vaping has helped you.. there are a lot more misguided and misinformed smokers than politicians let me tell you, and the more people that quit smoking, the less excuses the government can come up with.


People start quiting, the smoking related illness and disease will diminish, gone is the excuse that smokers are effecting the health system.  Not only will you be helping someone Leave the cigarettes behind, but you will also be Furthering vaping within the country.. and hopefully the government will see how it is helping so many, and put in place some reasonable regulation, and remove the stigma associated with vaping..


I am going to add down here, Supporting those organisations which are advocating and lobbing on out behalf, That is really important, they are our voice, when others wont listen.. 


Please do your part.. help us to help as many people as we can.. 

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