Battery Safety

Ok so here we Have it one of the most Important aspects of vaping..Keeping everything SAFE.. I seriously cannot stress this enough.


I myself am a Mech user, So that makes Battery safety Even more Important. But just cause you use a regulated mod DON"T take it lightly please.


Now there are some very comprehensive blogs about battery saftey, and I want to guide you all to those blogs, Why, because there is alot of information, and the more people that see all the information out there.. the safer everyone is.

Vaping 360 have a great post with 11 tips for battery safety

Now this one here is absolutely a total comprehensive Post witch i'm going to both link to right HERE but also completely repost. Vapeloft have definitely given up the goods here and The more we know about batteries the better


This isn't going to be a Blog about OHM's Law.. let's be honest that's a blog on its own and something I will touch on In a future post. Right now though I want to get you looking at your batteries and if they look like this:




Please Don't use them.. 

get some wraps if just the wraps are ripped right HERE


and learn to Rewrap

Mike vapes has a pretty good guide to doing this



Now of course If your Batteries are Even Slightly damaged.. it's best to just get some new ones.. 

I Personally am a huge Fan of Golisi S30 Batteries.

And so far Have not seen any issues with the one's i have sold. available here 



Now I'm sure you might think that This is all just a ploy to get you buying more batteries when there is nothing wrong.. Well i can assure you.. Battery venting Is the last thing you want..


Just imagine that in you pocket, or your hand, or when your taking a rip..


No thanks I like having a face, hand, and anything else which may be near by.


My point is.. I want people To be safe, Don't run the risk. Check your batteries everything you want to use them, and before you charge them.. And if they are damaged, Just don't risk it please...After all most of us started vaping to quit smoking and live a little longer.. 

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