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Clouded Visions

Clouded Visions- Originals A-M

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Black and Yellow

Black and yellow, black and yellow. Now you've got that stuck in your head, heres a flavour you wont easily forget. A unique and fantastic mix of sweet and slightly tart blackcurrant and musky blackberries accompanied by a full bodied, realistic banana.


The perfect coffee vape, full stop. Lavish sweetened cream infused with a deep, velvety coffee, laced with hints of hazelnut and vanilla.

Cinnamon Glaze

A rich and sweet bakery style vape, a lovely hybrid between the two best types of doughnut, with the warmth and spice of a freshly baked cinnamon doughnut paired with the sugary sweet coating of a glazed doughnut. Rich and sweet on the inhale, with a lasting after taste of warm baked goods.

Creamed Coconut

A rich combination of dried and sweetened coconut within a thick creamy base, with just a hint of key lime mixed throughout. Not quite sweet, not quite savoury, a perfect balance between the two, making for a fantastic ADV.

Danish Oven

Danish Oven is Clouded Visions most intricate and complex flavour yet. Rich and full flavoured, this complex flavour combines layers of sweet danish pastry with spiced, cooked apple, covered in a decadent, full bodied vanilla custard. Not quite a custard danish, not quite an apple crumble, the perfect balance between the two.


That's right. Darts. For all those vapers out there who REALLY just want the taste of a cigarette, not of chewing tobacco like you so often get from tobacco flavours. This has been a long time in the works, and we are finally confident to say that this is the closest thing you'll ever get to a cigarette in a vape juice. How could this be described? Some have said a wet ashtray, some have said a relit butt. We say the perfect balance of ash, fire and filth.


The taste of sweet, slightly tart, red plum. Truly a Melondramatic competitor for the perfect ADV, extremely realistic, with the sweet fruitiness combined with the slight tang of the skin on the exhale.


It's crunchy, it's nutty, it's milky, its... cornflakey. It's also delightful. Sweet creamy milk, just like you're onto your third bowl with the same milk, followed up with the crunchy honey goodness we all love.

Frosted Berry

A fusion of various types of berry, dominated by Blueberry and Boysenberry with hints of both Raspberry and Blackberry. Sweet and slightly tart, this is a complex flavour that is constantly evolving with age.


Simply the perfect lemon cheesecake. Smooth and sweet, Juddy incorporates thick, creamy cheesecake and a light buttery biscuit base, laced with beautiful, sweet, no skin, no rind, lemon. This is NOT the taste of cheesecake followed by biting into a whole lemon, this is a lemon cheesecake. This is Juddy.

Juddy (Reloaded)

Juddy. The one and only. A name synonymous with Clouded Visions, a flavour some may say is the best we have ever created. It's back, and it's reloaded. Substituting lemon for a blend of berry goodness, it's so different yet so familiar. The perfect cheesecake, with an unbelievable depth of flavour.  This isn't your standard sequel. This is the real deal, and it's available for a limited time only.

Juicy Red

Juicy and slightly tart apple vape. Realistic, not candied, like biting into a fresh Fuji Apple.


For the lime lovers and not for the faint hearted. A powerful punch of sweet lime that will make your tongue and lips tingle. A real palate cleanser.


The ever popular reincarnation of Mr. Loki's famous Banana Custard. Loki is a thick and decadent banana and vanilla custard, laced with a dash of sweet caramel.