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Do you know the story of cotton Bacon.. If not gather round and let me tell you a tale, a tale so wonderful, you would think it came from the gods.

Back in the olden days, We couldn't buy cotton strips.. we had to use cotton wool balls.. but that had a nasty taste..  then one day, someone decided to boil down the cotton wool balls and turned it into strips.. little wavy strips, little strips that resembles bacon.. this was the beginning of rebuildable bliss, the like of which had never been seen..

Next, the gods figured out a sneaky way of processing these strips, and thus created cotton bacon V2.. but that wasn't good enough for the gods, not after they made squonking... they needed something which was better.. bring on COTTON BACON PRIME..


33% faster absorption,

Easier separation;

The world's most cutting edge, cleanest and easy to use cotton wick.


The rest is history....actually the whole story was but shhhhhh