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Ferrum City 100ml Shortfill

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if you love a big bowl of blueberry muesli cereal including the experience of drinking the milk at the end. Are you with us? Bloo Berry combines the flavours of blueberries, milk and marshmallows with a touch of cereal grain.


FERRUM CITY Blue Fish, combining two of the vape games greatest selling flavours, this is Blue Fish! An amazing mixture of delicious chewy fish infused with blue raspberry.


FERRUM CITY Cereal 11, is a soft chewy bar filled with cereal flakes and sweet berries. Ferrum City complete this flavour profile with a touch of sweet melted marshmallow.


FERRUM CITY Choculate, if you love a big bowl of chocolate cereal, you probably agree drinking the flavoured milk at the end is the best part of this experience. If that's the case, you'll love what Ferrum City have achieved. Choculate combines the flavors of chocolate, milk and marshmallows with a touch of cereal grain, masterfully combined to create a flavour you'll never forget.

FERRUM CITY Forged, is the fifth and final flavour to their 'Smelted' line of e-liquids. Forged is an exquisite mixture of caramel, custard, and butterscotch. Sure to please any dessert lover and keep you coming back for more! Caramel Swirled Butterscotch Custard!

FERRUM CITY Fried Banana, is a complex creation of fried banana, cooked in butterscotch, and drizzled with rich smooth caramel. If you're a fan of banana flavours, give this a try.

FERRUM CITY Graham Bears, is a tasteful mixture of smooth, white vanilla cream, sandwiched between crunchy, scrumptious graham cracker bears.

FERRUM CITY Luck'd Up, is a cpmplex creation of sweet marshmallows and toasted cereal grains soaking in a bowl of vanilla flavoured milk.

FERRUM CITY MYNT E-LIQUID - a refreshingly, cool, crisp flavour that is sure to tantalise your tastebuds. Cool, creamy and bursting with peppermint flavour, it's sure to leave a mint lover rejoicing!

FERRUM CITY Pink Lemonade, is a sensational recipe, one of Ferrum City's first fruit flavours, and countless time invested making sure it was one of the best!

FERRUM CITY Poured, imagine strips of fresh hot donuts woven together topped with decadent vanilla whipped cream, and sprinkled with cinnamon, and suger.

FERRUM CITY Scary Berry, creating the perfect e-liquid representation of the popular berry monster cereal was a challenge, but Ferrum have nailed it. They didn't stop at creating an e-liquid version of the cereal, though, Scary Berry actually replicates the flavour of the pink milk at the bottom of the bowl. You'll also taste sweet marshmallow flavour and a touch of toasted grains.

FERRUM CITY The Quickness, simply delicious strawberry milk, done right!