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Mad Mixtress

Mad mixtress Juicy, Fruity and Cool - Mad Mixtress 60ml and 50ml ShortFill

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MadMixtress Eliquids hail out of sunny Brisbane, QLD.

Since 2011, the MadMixtress has been lovingly crafting Eliquid with an emphasis on real flavours and natural sweetness.

This REALNESS is the difference between Eliquids you can vape all day vs sugary, over-flavoured juices that leave you needing time out.

MadMixtress Eliquids. Juicy, Fruity and Cool!


Double Dragon

A full on mix of creamy dragon fruit sorbet. Fruity, smooth and totally frozen!

Fruit Tingle

A shaker full of Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade. The perfect balance of ice, fruit and tingleyness. Step back in time to the 80’s when this cocktail was on everyone’s lips!

Mango Fandango

Enjoy the rich mouth feel of a sweet juicy mango, beautifully balanced with chilled mandarin gelato. This one of a kind mango eliquid is a masterpiece by MadMixtress Eliquid!

Wet & Wild

Enjoy the cool and sweet, mouthwatering goodness of juicy watermelon and crisp wild apples in a refreshing slushie. This madMixtress Eliquid will have your tastebuds gushing for more!