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Frank And Atticus

Shakedown by Frank & tones

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Shakedown by Frank and Tones


Delicate peanut aromatics paired with complex layered creams, balance is achieved with a perfect level of semi-sweetness. This peanut butter shake finishes long and lingering, challenging every part of your sensory perception 

Frank & Tones | Yeah Nah Na (Peanut Butter Thick Shake & Caramelised Banana)

Yeah Nah Na : Here we take the SHAKEDOWN recipe into more deliciousness by adding the perfect amount of caramelised pan fried banana. 

Frank & Tones | Jammit (Peanut Butter Thick Shake with Dark Berry Jam)

Jammit : Using the SHAKEDOWN recipe we add another layer of depth with dark berry jam, this creates the ultimate PB&J thick shake.





Frank & Atticus is a small batch e-liquid line found in Sydney in early 2018. Sophisticated flavour pairings and unique flavour profiles meld together to create this palatable line of premium e-liquids. Collaborating with Breezetones who is one of Australia's top coil builders they bring this new desert flavoured vape juice!


Ratio: 70/30