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Dead Presidents

The Dead Presidents

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Vaping history has been made with all seven flavours in the range that'll have even the Presidents rolling in their graves. This line is dark, mysterious, and enchanting with flavours that declare Freedom!


DEAD PRESIDENTS ADAMS - a triple blend of succulent melons.

DEAD PRESIDENTS JACKSON - a freshly baked blueberry muffin, like no other you've ever tasted.

DEAD PRESIDENTS JEFFERSON - your favourite fruit cereal loops treat.

DEAD PRESIDENTS KENNEDY - a tantalising orange marmalade, straight from Kennedy's kitchen!

DEAD PRESIDENTS LINCOLN - a creamy blend of melons and luscious berries.

DEAD PRESIDENTS ROOSEVELT - a mouth-watering watermelon and strawberry hard candy.

DEAD PRESIDENTS WASHINGTON - a wonderful blue raspberry cotton candy with a heavenly dose of puckering sour from the Presidents.